Why Bother with Development of New Decision Technology?

ok, why bother? Well, Dominic Cummings has a post that covers some of the reasons. Unrecognised simplicities of effective action #1: expertise and a quadrillion dollar business ‘The combination of physics and politics could render the surface of the earth uninhabitable.’ John von Neumann. …  the big big problem we face – the world is ‘undersized and underorganised’ because of a collision between four forces: 1) our technological civilisation is inherently fragile and vulnerable to shocks, Read more about Why Bother with Development of New Decision Technology?[…]

Beginning of 2017

Things have been slow. We’re still waiting to hear back from the Next System Project about when they’ll be picking a winner for their ‘5000 dollar essay contest’. We’ve got our fingers crossed big time on that because 5K should be enough to actually just hire programmers. We’ve been working on recruiting volunteer programmers but that’s been so slow that the rest of the team’s going to focus on crafting better media. We can only Read more about Beginning of 2017[…]