Direct Democracy for Helsinki

Here is a good read: Direct Democracy for Helsinki  Here are some links that show current status of some models that attempt to create direct democracy: OPIN – EU platform for youth participation  –  EU platform for youth participation ​ Liquid Democracy and Adhocracy Adhocracy 5 Stella Software – only available to Italian citizens who are party members so… Loomio – easy to understand, easy learning curve.  Good place to start when thinking about how this Read more about Direct Democracy for Helsinki[…]

Software Requirements Specification

I am thinking that the LawGen project is in the SRS stage.   SRS is software requirements specification.  I am not a coder by training, so I am having to look lots of this stuff up to be familiar.  I think SRS is generally a layout of functionality, interfaces, and maybe objects that will be required to create a minimum viable product or MVP.  Lots of us who are interested in ideas about distributed problem-solving, open Read more about Software Requirements Specification[…]