March 3, 2017

Board Rules of Conduct


Something we're very mindful of



Lawgen shall be established with no less than Five (5) board members, but no more than seven (7) – there shall be no term limit, but the board reserves the right to re-appoint positions as it sees  the need with requiring of a total Two-thirds popular vote.


Appointments shall be as follows:


President: Responsible for contacting necessary persons in regards of any needs to the organization.


Vice-President: Responsible with assisting the duties of the President, and co-communicating with the rest of the board.


Website Director: Responsible for insuring the servers stay up and are securely functional. As well as managing stability.


Advisor: Responsible to do misc. tasks to complete a variety of necessary doings to move us forward.


Member: A Member is one who votes on issues and  shall be one to help where is needed. Lawgen shall have no more than Seven (2) of such positions.


Only the board shall have the power to make adjustments to the organization and at no time shall it be allowed for one director to have more power than another.


Each month there shall be a scheduled meeting to go over agenda, financial status, and news on the progress of our cause(s). If for some reason we can not all collaborate we shall reschedule.


The Board is not required to vote on any item up for discussion but doing so also forfeits their vote.


The Board shall not take any personal payment or salary that is not in relation to the Commissions section of this document.




Each member shall be responsible to keep the integrity of the organization sacred and truthful. Each board member is responsible for his or her own actions and if in such case shall occur, a board member can be impeached at the discretion of other board members.




Lawgen shall be allowed to provide the necessary contributions to see the organization’s  integrity remains intact. These commissions will help provide the necessary materials to make such possible.


At no time shall a member take a personal commission for anything irrelevant to the organization. If this shall happen legal action shall be taken at the discretion of the rest of the board.




The Board shall meet every month, and allocate time during such for public discussion and requests.


The board’s responsibility in such meetings are to advise of interests of the organization, and discuss our financial status.


The meeting shall be called to order by the President.


All members shall be present or with permission to meet without that member.


Meetings shall last long enough to go over all agenda.


Roll call shall also be done at the beginning of the meeting.


Voting shall be finalized at the end of the meeting.


*Please understand this is a rough draft, more will be added and offically established soon*