Why Bother with Development of New Decision Technology?

ok, why bother? Well, Dominic Cummings has a post that covers some of the reasons. Unrecognised simplicities of effective action #1: expertise and a quadrillion dollar business ‘The combination of physics and politics could render the surface of the earth uninhabitable.’ John von Neumann. …  the big big problem we face – the world is ‘undersized and underorganised’ because of a collision between four forces: 1) our technological civilisation is inherently fragile and vulnerable to shocks, Read more about Why Bother with Development of New Decision Technology?[…]

Direct Democracy for Helsinki

Here is a good read: Direct Democracy for Helsinki  Here are some links that show current status of some models that attempt to create direct democracy: OPIN – EU platform for youth participation  –  EU platform for youth participation ​https://opin.me/en/ https://www.euthproject.eu/project/opin/ Liquid Democracy and Adhocracy Adhocracy 5 Stella Software – only available to Italian citizens who are party members so… Loomio – easy to understand, easy learning curve.  Good place to start when thinking about how this Read more about Direct Democracy for Helsinki[…]

Software Requirements Specification

I am thinking that the LawGen project is in the SRS stage.   SRS is software requirements specification.  I am not a coder by training, so I am having to look lots of this stuff up to be familiar.  I think SRS is generally a layout of functionality, interfaces, and maybe objects that will be required to create a minimum viable product or MVP.  Lots of us who are interested in ideas about distributed problem-solving, open Read more about Software Requirements Specification[…]


Welcome The Lawgen Project is made up of a small group of volunteers dedicated to the development of a better way of doing things. We believe a wiki for all good ideas would help citizens and organizers throughout the world, but we also believe such a wiki can act as a doorway to countless other helpful services. Through serving the public we will ultimately be recruiting their help in spreading tools for Open Source Governance, Read more about Home[…]

Development Survey

Development Survey 1 (2017) The survey will remain open until the end of this year.   The survey will consist of simple questions about the development (or the beginning of development) of our project, and goal. The survey should take about 2-3 min to complete.   Also, if you wish to, you can participate in Closed Beta testing of the project. Closed Beta Partipants or those interested “What is closed beta?” Closed beta consists of Read more about Development Survey[…]

Beginning of 2017

Things have been slow. We’re still waiting to hear back from the Next System Project about when they’ll be picking a winner for their ‘5000 dollar essay contest’. We’ve got our fingers crossed big time on that because 5K should be enough to actually just hire programmers. We’ve been working on recruiting volunteer programmers but that’s been so slow that the rest of the team’s going to focus on crafting better media. We can only Read more about Beginning of 2017[…]