Development Survey

Development Survey 1 (2017)

The survey will remain open until the end of this year.


The survey will consist of simple questions about the development (or the beginning of development) of our project, and goal.

The survey should take about 2-3 min to complete.


Also, if you wish to, you can participate in Closed Beta testing of the project.

Closed Beta Partipants or those interested

“What is closed beta?”

Closed beta consists of a special group of people usually no more than 50 at a time, who use, experiment, and give feedback on the development of a project. This gives the developers much needed information to make the project the best possible.


“Why should I participate?”

Because if you want to make a change we need your help to get us there, quite simply it would be biased for the developers to develop and self-test the project! It is very important that it is developed by YOU and for YOU.


“What are some perks to being  a Beta Tester ?”

You get to help us help you by making the world a better place. Additonally, you will be rewarded a Beta Particpant icon on your user profile once released to the public. Additonally you will be offered seats for our support team, and moderator group. Both of these will require extensive knowledge of the project to  help anyone having trouble finding stuff throughout our site. We can only get “majority” when making this project meaning we are going to try and stay familar as with other platforms have – elsewhere of this kind of project.


“I have questions”

Great! Email myself or Anthony at: or


Take the survey here