October 2, 2016

Visual Media

Visual Media

For those of us who learn best through sight we’ve produced a ton of media. This page is devoted to explaining the tools that make various things possible.  Our project is still pretty young so if you see anything out of place or think of advice be sure to let us know.  Again, we don’t have any corporate funding, this project is a community effort, and experience has shown that if you’re thinking it, other people probably are too. The whole point of this effort is to build something that truly makes sense to people.  So let us know what does or doesn’t make sense to you.
Also be sure to check out our memes!

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~~~Our Key Support Systems~~~

The layer system:

The Layer System is_3rd wave graphics

Token System:
Tokens are_3rd wave graphics

~~The different tokens~~

Debate Tokens:
Debate TokensBlank_white_Space

Flag Tokens:
Flag TokensBlank_white_Space

Note Tokens:
Note Tokens


Portal Tokens:
Portal Tokens

Question Tokens:
Question Tokens

Tracking Tokens:
Tracking Tokens

The following videos are here to help people visualize the technology we’re trying to get online. -They’re supposed to be silent, (that way you could pick your own music). They’re basically just slideshows so feel free to press pause and skim through them.


(New tech) Layered pages and NVC:

(New tech) Token system:

What this will do for activists:

“But people are too dumb to rule themselves”

And finally, two very different videos. One from a friend:

And a less professional one from Tony:

If you have any questions shoot us an email at TheLawgenProject@gmail.com or find us on Facebook or Twitter.