Software Requirements Specification

I am thinking that the LawGen project is in the SRS stage.   SRS is software requirements specification.  I am not a coder by training, so I am having to look lots of this stuff up to be familiar.  I think SRS is generally a layout of functionality, interfaces, and maybe objects that will be required to create a minimum viable product or MVP.  Lots of us who are interested in ideas about distributed problem-solving, open source solution technology are very impatient and want to see the MVP stage in action so that we can understand any given proposed project, but after a meeting last week with a very helpful coding professor and a class room full of advanced coding students, it is apparent to me that we really need to hammer out the SRS step before charging into setup of an MVP.  The coding professor’s T-shirt said: “weeks of coding can save hours of planning.”

So, learning more, thinking more with a focus on SRS right now for me.

My first search for info on SRS took me to MicroTools, Inc.

MicroTools took me to IEEE – a technology advancement organization of some sort.  Pretty flashy website for what appears to be a long-established organization.  Don’t have time right now to dig through the IEEE website, but my initial takeaway on the question of SRS is that we might want to look at the IEEE STD 830-1998 or IEEE STD 1233-1998 as the SRS template.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.