December 17, 2016

Calling all collaborators

Calling all collaborators

December 2016

___—_-This project was particularly inspired by the Occupy Movement, watching how tons of information needed to move yet our mediums for actually transmitting that information were honestly never going to cut it. And even when great conversations did happen, they’d typically never lead to anything because the people they needed to reach weren’t at that exact location at that exact time. There are so many different fronts to fight on now that simply huddling together was no longer working. With the help of The Coalition of the Willing’s video, I realized a better way had to be possible. Or perhaps I should say, we’ve all already known that, but it was then that I realized *how* one could build a better way.

Much of which was intuitive having been raised with Wikipedia and Craigslist. What wasn’t intuitive, is our support systems. The natural tendency for people suddenly exposed to a diversity of perspectives is to become emotionally irrational and occupy what is called a ‘warrior’s mindset’ instead of a ‘scout’s mindset’. Warriors aren’t curious about truth, they simply want to win. Our support systems are here for that, we’ve even found ways to integrate a potent form of cognitive psychology designed for lasting conflict resolution.

But many features are also here just to help people who are being reasonable, to talk in ways that literally weren’t even possible before.

For instance, we have a ‘Token system’ which lets people drop ‘token’ icons wherever they want into pages to do things like publicly destroy misinformation and propaganda. Different tokens each do different things. -In example, the “Debate tokens” don’t just make it possible to see everyone’s arguments ‘for’, ‘against’, and ‘otherwise’, (in relation to the ‘main argument’ made by whoever dropped the debate), each argument gets rated, (and possibly even debated). Which means people’s ‘filter bubbles’ will be annihilated. People will naturally be drawn to debates and exposed to a rich diversity of arguments and perspectives. Censoring information and controlling the public-discourse will become thoroughly impossible, even for the economic power elite.

To learn more either check out the project manifesto, or see the videos on the homepage.