May 2, 2017

Things We Need

We need:

-Programmers of all varieties. In terms of code we’re trying to break the project down into specific tasks volunteers can work on. So far we’ve heard from a good few programmers, but so far no one’s been able to get the ball rolling. Fortunately once we have a list of available tasks, we have a good dozen or so programmers to reconnect with.

-We also need regular people to help us basically poke groups to let them know there’s a broad interest in our project. If we can get one good endorsement that might help us tremendously. There’s a whole world of potential endorsements, collaborators, and humanitarian funds out there. The more people can help make it evident we have support, the more that kind of stuff becomes possible for us. If you haven’t already, like our Facebook page.

-We also need regular people to ask us questions, preferably on camera, to help us create our Youtube Channel. We’ve got about 5 good clips but want a few more to kick the channel off.

-Artists of all varieties, ultimately, specialize in catching the public’s eye, so they can be really helpful too. If you are an artist and interested in helping on that level,┬ádefinitely let us know. Again, we can be reached at

-Did we miss anyone? If you’re thinking of anything else please don’t hesitate to contact us. All suggestions and other feedback are welcome. Even knowing what people didn’t like is valuable.

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