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Had Sex With Colleague Teacher

My husband does more of my ass than pussy fucking. I came to know that he is the ass fuck of many women. So we got into a fight. Then when there was a fire of lust in my pussy…Had Sex With Colleague Teacher

My heartfelt greetings to all the readers of Insatrava. I am a school teacher and a big fan of immigration and have been reading stories of immigration for many years. This is my first story and I am sharing my true experience with you in which I had sex with a teacher who taught me.

My name is Mamta and I am a 37-year-old married woman. I work as a teacher in Gurugram. My height is 5 feet 5 inches and the body is full. My figure is 36-34-40. My ass is very heavy because my husband has played my ass more than my pussy.

My husband is so fond of ass-kicking that he has ass-fucked many women in his office. I came to know this when we had a very bad fight one day. After that, there was a lot of flaws in our relationship.

Now I started getting very upset. She used to remain depressed even during her duty. I was not able to do my work properly. Just two months ago, a new teacher came to our school by transfer.

His name is Manohar. He is an economics teacher in school. His age is 29 years and height is 5.5 feet but the body is very shapely and the texture is very tough. They teach as much as they look attractive.

Gradually I started talking to him about official works. Within a short time, both of us became friends and gradually both of us became very good friends. One of the reasons for this was also that he lived alone here away from his family.

Once he asked to meet me in the evening. I refused to meet with the excuse of my husband. The next day, he again said in many things that you look very beautiful, Mamta. I was calling you only on coffee as a good friend of mine.

My throat was filled with my own strength and with tears in my eyes I said – Manohar, my husband doubts me a lot. The relationship between us has never been good, neither physically nor family. Now the impact of the quarrels of our husband and wife has started affecting our children too.

When he asked me the whole thing with great familiarity, I told about my husband’s illegitimate relationship and my beating with him. Manohar consoled me and said that if I want to take some action against this atrocity, then he is ready to support me.

After giving her courage, I filed a case of domestic violence against my husband during the exam time in the month of March, in return my husband Manish expelled me from the house. That day I was crying a lot. The whole school staff was discussing about me.

Manohar asked me to go with him after school time. Despite my refusal, he insisted and took me to his home. I was thinking that maybe he is thinking of taking advantage of my helplessness. But I came to know about his humanity when he cooked and fed me with his hand.

There was only one bed in his house. He asked me to sleep on the bed and slept on the ground himself. That day, I came to know the difference between the personality of my husband Manish and Manohar. I found that Manohar is not only a good friend but also a good person.

One week passed like this. My husband Manish neither called me nor tried to come to my school to meet me during this one week. Now I waited a few days more. Then I started worrying about my children.

Manohar took me to his school to introduce him to my children. There my children told me that Papa is calling another aunt in the house since you are not there. She sleeps with aunt Papa.

My mind got upset after hearing these things from the mouths of children. At that moment I decided that now I will not care about anyone. Manohar and I came home after that.

That evening I told Manohar that I will make today’s food.
Manohar agreed. We cooked food and both ate together and then sat talking. Then he picked up the dishes and went to wash.

When he came back after washing the dishes, I asked- Why don’t you get married?
He said with a laugh – if I get married, my condition will be the same as yours. The way I am handling you at the moment despite being a husband, similarly, after marriage, another woman would have been handling me like this. Had Sex With Colleague Teacher

We both laughed at his talk. While sitting and talking for some time, there was a lot of laughter in both of them. Then we started preparing for sleep.
I told Manohar- Come, you too sleep on the bed.

Manohar refused to sleep with me. He started saying that if there is a short distance between the woman and the man, it is good.
I said – now the distances should be over. Whatever happens, will be done by the desire of both of us. I am not forcing you to sleep with me. But since I am a woman and because of me you have to sleep on the ground, I do not like it.

I agreed to say this From that day onwards Manohar and I started sleeping together on the same bed. But the initiative was not being done by either of them. Some days Had Sex With Colleague Teacher passed like this.

One day I was not able to sleep while lying down. When I turned to turn, I saw that Manohar’s cock was taut. His cock was lifted up by his lower.


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