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Hello Yeh Kamsin Jawani Punjaban Ki

When I stayed in Punjab for my job, I did the first fuck with a sexy and sexy Punjabi girl. I was a tenant in your home. How did all this happen? Read and enjoy
This is my first story about consciousness and based on a true incident.

First of all, let me tell you that I am 24 years old, my height is 5’8 ″. I am handsome in appearance. With my murderous smile, I fit into the heart of any girl or sister-in-law.
The length of my penis is 6 and a half inches, which drives anyone crazy.

But nowadays people like to talk face to face, after that the matter comes to Chudai.

From my hometown, I passed the twelfth and took a computer course. At that time, no girl gave me much courage. But when I started to tread my youth, my luck began to come in succession. Whose stories I will tell you in each of my stories.

Today I will tell you about my first chudai that I did with Madamasta Panjaban, 19 years old. After my studies, I came to Punjab to work.

My temperament is very sociable and mixed with everyone in no time. On behalf of the company, they gave me a room that belonged to the resident there. In that house, the uncle and aunt had their 3 children, the oldest girl was 19 years old.

Kalpana was really beyond my imagination. What was the beauty of the problem?
They say don’t even see the old man, then leave the water.
Think what happened to me

When I first saw him, my penis had turned into an iron bar and I smiled at him and fell asleep.

I slowly started talking to him. If something were needed, I would say it.

She was probably interested in me, I started to realize it.

Days passed and we became good friends and we also started talking on WhatsApp.

He used to flirt with him openly, he also really liked my words. We used to have sex on the phone every night. I used to warm it up completely with the fucking words.
Although we lived in the same house but we could not know him for fear. Because if someone had seen him, he would have lost my job.

But love is said to be blind.
One day we were talking on the phone like that and he asked me to go to his room, which was on the floor above my room.

Even before the sexy stuff, my cock was on fire, I immediately did a review of the situation and reached out in a cold.

That day she was sleeping alone in the room. As soon as I walked out the window, he hugged me tight and I started kissing him. He had already heated the room with a heater and the heat of his body was ready to break my cock.

But I wanted this first powder to be memorable, after about 10 minutes of kissing us, we sat on the bed, kissing my lips had dried up a lot.
After that, we drank water. sexy Punjabi girl

Then the amazing fucking game. She was wearing skinny jeans and a T-shirt, which she didn’t know when was separated from her body in a draped wrap.

Was she the owner of the brown sugar body?
Her legs were very tight and her waist was such that the builder had put all his skills into polishing it.

I made every part of her body blush with my lips.

We were both so hot that heady voices echoed throughout the room.
What a show I could never forget.

Their voices of ‘Aaahh yesss suk mee ee’ excited me the most. I sucked it hard, I sucked all the juice.

His condition became like a fish without water. She started begging me for sex. sexy Punjabi girl

But I put my lips to the petals of her pink pussy. I started to lick the rash from her pussy very hard and I also cut it lightly with a tooth in the middle. Which would have eluded him.

Her hot pussy had begun to leave juice.

As soon as I received the clue, I put my cock in her delicate buds. As soon as he got the heat from the cocks, he started to bounce and was eager to take the cocks in her pussy.

Slowly I continued to rub the cocks on the slices of her pussy. She was trying to lift her ass and put the cocks in her pussy and started screaming ‘Fuck it, EEE, OHHH PLEASE FUCK HARD!’.

So I suffered a slight concussion and removed half of my cock in her oven-like pussy. He buried his nails in my back and in the second blow, he licked all the cock deep in her pussy.

He had already put his hand over his mouth to keep his voice from being heard. To increase his longing, I continued to shake slightly and his pain was also reduced.

After a while, she started to enjoy it and she started shaking her ass and taking the cocks inside.

As soon as the cabin touches your uterus, it comes out of your mouth. After 15 to 20 aftershocks, he released his water.
And with that, I also left my stuff in her pussy but kept the cocks inside.

The feeling of the first fuck was so nice that I can’t forget it all my life.


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