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Mother’sFucked story in moving train

She got pregnant with my sister’s pussy fuck. Then his fuck began to stop. He took measures for my lust and opened the way for Mother’sFucked story in moving train.

Friends, I brought the chudai story of my mother to the prince. My previous sex story
Sexy sister made wife-2
I told how I made my sister Pooja as a bride in Goa. After that I made him a prostitute there too.

When we came back after visiting Goa, Mother also started living with us. We tricked the mother into revealing our relationship and convinced that both of our husbands have become wives. Mother also had to accept this relationship.

Now further:

Pooja said to her mother – I have told you everything. You go to your room now I also give them the good news that I am going to be the mother of their child.

After that Pooja came to me and told the whole thing. Then she said – you are going to be both father and uncle.
I pulled Pooja towards me and said – you have solved all my problems today. Made me a father too.

I also tore Pooja’s gown in happiness. Tore her bra and panties too. I started banging him right there.
He said while sighing- Ahhh, put it easy, my child is in my stomach.

I asked- where is the mother?
She said- No mother, say mother-in-law. He has now made you his son-in-law.
Pushing the cock in her pussy, I said – man, after a month, who will I fuck again? Because I will not be able to fuck you.

Pooja said – if you cannot do it, then what happened? If you still do not have peace, then take a scrubber.
I said – I am used to fucking every day. Every day I can not take a prostitute or not, now you tell me, I cannot bring a house in the house.

Pooja said on my talk – if you can not bring soutan, then there is no problem, there is another pussy in the house.
I said – what other pussy?
She said – mother’s pussy.

I said – are you crazy? She is my mother
She said- Well, you can make your sister a wife and your child’s mother, but you cannot fuck your mother?
I said – okay, but she will agree?
She said leave it to me. I will do everything.

From that day onwards, Pooja again started wearing the same sexy clothes. She always wore sexy night gown in skirts, short midi and night and did not wear bra.

Now both of us used to start anywhere. Then brought one two suits to Pooja Maa and some for Maxi Knight but still all the clothes were normal. Pooja was now preparing the mother slowly so that she would open.

Slowly mother was also coming on the line. Pooja Maa was now also taken to the parlor. There were many changes inside the mother.

Meanwhile, I spoke about the house. Mother was asking to take a house. Some money will be with us and some will be sold by selling village land.

At the behest of my mother, I spoke to the village uncle. He soon made a deal for our village land. Meanwhile, mother was also opening. She was now wearing sexy clothes.

One day I told Pooja – In the evening, mother has to take a movie.
Pooja said – what is there to ask. In the evening, I will prepare my mother.
I then went to office.

My habit was that in the evening I used to run to the kitchen near Pooja. That day when I returned, I went straight to the kitchen and grabbed it from behind and started kissing it on the neck. His nipple and ass started pressing.

Then she turned and I was shocked. She was a mother The mother wore a sleeveless dress which was only up to the fawns.
Got out of my mouth- Mother, you are looking very sexy.
From there, the mother went to her room without saying anything.

Then when Pooja came, I said- what is going on?
Pooja – I will tell you all of that later but first you tell me whether your goods are being prepared properly or not? I am arranging this for you for the next 6 months.
I said – right. Now let’s go to the movie. Call mother

When mother came, she saw that she had changed clothes.
Pooja – Why did you change clothes?
Mother said- son-in-law gave me…
Mother could not say anything before this.

Pooja said- No problem mother, you drink tea and change again.

After drinking tea, the mother again wore the same midi and we went out to watch the movie.

Mum probably came to see the movie for the first time. Their people were hitting the line on him. She looked very sexy anyway. Mother’sFucked story

The movie has started. There were a lot of sexy scenes in it, so I was having fun with Pooja, but after the interval Pooja changed the seat from her mother because she was having problems. Now the mother was next to me but I did not know so I started having fun again and started pressing the mother’s nipple and rubbing her pussy.

As soon as the kissing scene came in the movie, I gave the mother a lip kiss and at the same time her pussy juice probably came out because she had not been fucking for many years. When the movie was over, we came out. I saw that the mother’s backyard had become wet. I also showed Pooja. Mother’sFucked story in moving train.

Then we came out and sat in the car. Pooja and mother were sitting behind.
Pooja said – what happened mother?
Mother said- My condition is getting worse in your a Mother’sFucked story in moving train.


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